Jojoba Oil


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Uses For Oil of Jojoba


to soften skin and reduce lines and wrinkles

to moisturize dry skin, hands, lips, cuticles and nails

to soothe wind and sunburned skin

as a body lubricant and massage oil

in bath water; after bath or shower as an all over body moisturizer and skin softener

to help skin heal after minor cuts, bruises, and burns

to reduce scarring and stretch marks

for acne, psoriasis, and minor skin disorders

after shaving to soothe the skin

as a nighttime moisturizer — just a few drops applied to face, forehead and under eyes


for dandruff and scalp problems

to repair split ends

for dry, damaged hair

to remove static electricity and tangles

to make hair shine and look great

to bring out natural curl and hold curls in

to condition hair before shampooing with a hot oil treatment

to dissolve excess sebum for stimulating healthy hair growth

to cleanse and stimulate the scalp before shampooing

as a cleanser and stimulant anytime

Additional Uses

For ear lobe care: to soften lobes, lubricate and protect pierced ears

Jojoba is an essential oil and mixes perfectly with all fragrances

Jojoba Oil – the best polish and protectant for all fine furniture

To beautify, protect and maintain organic jewelry including wood, stones, horn and bone

After shampooing your dog, use Jojoba Oil to keep its coat shiny and skin healthy

For all fine leather goods – protects, conditions and shines

Great for baseball gloves and all leather athletic shoes


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